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About S.A.I Hospitals

SAI Hospitals offer personal and high quality care to suit the patient's particular requirements, from prevention, as well as diagnosis to full treatment or medical intervention.

Opened in June 2005, with One Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Vijay Kumar Kurukuri and one anaesthesiologist Dr Hussan the SAI Hospitals is grew to Multi Specality Hospital providing care in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Nuro Surgery, Urology, Nephrology, General Surgary, Trauma and Joint Replacement surgary. SAI Hospitals has a unique orthopedic unit focused on delivering superior care to patient undergoing total knee or hip replacement and arthroscopy. Because informed patients typically recover more quickly and have a better overall experience, the center offers pre-operative classes for all patient that provide information on what to expect during and after a total joint replacement operation. And, because the unit is designed for the care and rehabilitation of post-operative orthopedic patients, the center has its own entrance for easy access. SAI Hospitals is staffed with a dedicated team of caregivers with extensive experience and training in orthopedics and whose sole focus is caring for patients in the center.

A Caring and Specialized Team :
A multi-disciplinary team including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and anesthesiologists is dedicated to providing the very best care to our patients. The nursing staff is licensed in general nursing and many have advanced training in orthopedics. The full time anesthesiologist visit post-operative patients to assist with pain management, administering specific medications that target the unique needs of orthopedic patients. In addition, all rehabilitation is completed in-house, with the physical therapists coming directly to patient rooms for added convenience and quicker recovery. In face, most patients are enough to go home after-three and half days.

For the last four years we have conducted around 2500 major surgical procedures which included around 100 joints replacements and various emergency and elective procedures of orthopaedics, plastic surgery and neurosurgery. We provided highest stander of trauma management by means of inter locking nailings, Ulazirov fixators and flap covers.

Our elective orthopedic surgeries included arthroscopies, discectomies, and correction of deformities in addition to joint replacements.

Out Patient Services :
In general out patient services are provided in a wide spread area with all the facilities supervised and managed by consultants. Close to 100 out-patients visits are recorded everyday where medical consultations, prescriptions of medicines and laboratory service are given.

In patients Services :
A team of committed, highly qualified, experienced consultants is providing quality health care. The daily charges are affordable and a wide choice by way is available

Private Clinics :
In addition to the OP services, Ambulatory private clinic is available for consultants to see private patients or patients or patients referred by industries and affiliate organizations. Here patients are seen by consultants and when necessary admitted to the private wards.

Diagnostic Services :
SAI Hospitals has well knit diagnostic services supervised by specialists in the field. The clinical laboratory with all the departments like clinical biochemistry, Hematology clinical pathology and Microbiology is located in a comprehensive set up with a complete array of semi-automatic and automatic analyzer. This is being constantly upgraded to meet the needs of our consultants. In terms of Radiology and imaging science, the hospital has 300 MA X-ray machine, and ultra sound machine with color Doppler facility. This division can perform invasive procedures by utilizing 0 Ann.

A First-Rate Facility :
SAI Hospitals has created a specialized joint replacement & complete orthopedic center, providing a healing and comfortable environment for patients and their families. The center includes: . 10 spacious inpatient rooms, featuring new televisions and new beds specifically designed for orthopedic patients which lower all the way to the ground, allowing the patient to exit the bed with ease. Each room in the center was specifically designed to provide convenience, consistency and comfort to orthopedic patients.

S.A.I Hospitals was recognised by Govt of AP to deliver service under the Noble Scheme "RAJIV AROGYA SRI". Under the scheme the hospital has conducted 400 surgeries in past 4 months totally free of cost. The hospital is proud to be a part of the Noble Scheme.

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